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People say that you have to let go and move on with your life after experiencing a loss, but they don't tell you how.

Are you suffering from a
Broken Heart?

Did a death, end of a friendship or relationship, PTSD, job loss, loss of identity, pet loss, or one of the 40 other losses that a person might experience such as moving or divorce cause it?

Regardless, of the cause, you know how you feel  and it probably isn't good.

We aren't going to tell you, "We know how you feel," because we don't. Neither does anyone else. What we will do is provide a safe environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead to a happier life.

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About Grief .


  • Time heals all wounds

  • Replace the loss

  • Grieve alone and keep busy

  • Be strong and Don't feel bad




Grief is the normal and natural response to loss, but most of the information we've learned about dealing with loss is intellectual. Although our Grief Support Groups involve some educational elements, effective Grief Recovery must deal with your broken heart, which requires emotional support instead of intellectual explanations. 

           Dr. Melanie Beahm




Dr. Beahm provided guidance for me when I was searching for a career change. After she helped me establish a goal plan, I followed the process and the job that I wanted became a reality.

Janine C.-- 29 Palms, CA




When I was seeking closure from the death of my grandmother, Dr. Melanie Beahm introduced me to the Grief Recovery Method. It changed my life!

Carissa M.--Chesapeake, VA



My life was not on the track I had hoped to be on. I struggled with how to live the life I wanted and be happy again. Dr. Beahm helped me discover the possibilities of making small changes that would produce positive results. I just can't thank her enough.

Joseph D.--Newport News, VA