Passionate About Inspiring Others

Well, hello there! I am so excited to provide an outlet for us to work together. I have been in the business of helping people for over 25 years. As a Advanced Grief Specialist, Counselor, Master Transformational Coach, and Author, I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to have a safe place to share about their Grief, Life's Obstacles and Challenges, Barriers to Happiness and Joy, Biblical Counseling, and Identity Issues.

I found myself connecting to The Grief Recovery Method with the intent of receiving training in order to help others. Little did I know that I would benefit personally from the experience. When I was a teenager my best friend passed away in a terrible accident. People told me that I would feel better one day. Someone once told me, that eventually, I would get past the hurt and pain and one day I would just wake up one morning and the hurt would be gone. A loving friend shared with me that time heals all wounds and I would get through the pain of losing my closest friend. I knew that everyone meant well, however, their so called words of encouragement never really brought me comfort or relief from the feelings of loss. When I graduated high school, my friend would not be there. When I went away to college, my friend would not. On my wedding day, I thought about how my friend should have been my maid of honor, but yet, she was gone. I carried this loss throughout my adulthood along with the pain and grief associated with losing my friend. The Grief Recovery Method allowed me to address that grief successfully and I knew that I wanted to share this opportunity with everyone who is experiencing grief, past or present. The process truly changed my life!


As a military spouse for over 27 years, I also have experienced loss in friendships due to military moves, loss of identity relating to empty nesting, and job loss from moving to a new duty station. This can be a very rigorous lifestyle for families and I am also available to our military community for grief support.


 I would be honored to come along side of you during this difficult time in your life, and provide an opportunity for you to do the work of grief recovery as your compassionate and supportive Specialist. My goal in life is to provide grievers everywhere a confidential, caring, encouraging, and life-changing experience through The Grief Recovery Method. Don't wait any longer! Contact me today and let's get started making today the first day of the rest of your life. It is an honor to meet you!

As founder of Hope Answers, I am passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves, overcoming pain and loss from Grief, providing solution-focused answers, and obtaining Biblical clarity when the world seems to be filled with trials and tribulations.

My goal is to be a heart with ears and help individuals to be the over-comers that they are destined to be. 



  • Ph.D In Counseling

  • Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

  • Transformational Master Coach

  • Biblical Counselor

  • Integrative Wellness Specialist

  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Specialist