Military Spouse Mentoring Initiative

No Spouse Left Behind

Military spouses encompass a life of constant change, uncertainty, and adventure. United together, we can provide stability on the home front for our service members and families. However, not all military spouses feel connected to a support network that provides encouragement, resources, and empowerment to address the struggles that can be encountered living the military lifestyle. 

I have been a military spouse for over 25 years now. My handsome Navy husband has been in the military for 29 years now. To say it has been a wild adventure is probably putting it mildly. It has afforded us the opportunity to raise 2 beautiful daughters who are 23 and 21, with our oldest marrying a wonderful young man, and they are expecting their first child in early June. Our youngest just graduated college recently and is working for a major television network. Yep, you guessed it! We are now empty nesters. 

Military Etiquette Coaching

Spouse Networking

Navigating Military Family Life

Homeschool Success Coaching

Now don't get me wrong, life has not been easy (deployments, PCS moves, leaving friends behind, last minute order changes). Life can get tough at times. A sick child during a deployment, or a death in family the moment a service member leaves for a school. How about moving to a new duty station where you don't know anyone and all your kids want is someone to play with? I have been there for sure! Here at Military Spouse Mentoring, our goal is provide mentorship to spouses who are trying to navigate this sweet, sweet life we call the Military.... No Spouse gets left behind.